Bad habits are breaking your business: find out why! Guest starring expert Dr. Gina Cleo

This week Angela’s taking over the show! She’s joined by habit change expert Dr. Gina Cleo, and together they are breaking down the myths behind habits, and how they can be the driver of your success, or the reason for your downfalls in business. You can get yourself a free copy of Angela’s new book all about these habits and the connection to your trade business and life partnership, ‘Tradie Wife: Why Winging It Isn’t Working (And Breaking Old Habits Will Help) via the link below!

Does being on The Block = BIG REWARDS for your trade business? Guest starring Ollie Stephens, owner of Hungry Wolf Studio

Does having your trade business working on ‘The Block’ automatically equal BIG ? and great marketing and PR? That is exactly what Andy and Angela are getting to the bottom of this week on ‘The Tradie Show’! In this episode, Andy and Angela are joined by THREE TIME veteran of ‘The Block’, Ollie Stephens from ‘Hungry Wolf Studio’ to break down what being on a reality home show ACTUALLY does for your trade business.

Navigating the rising cost of living & the impact on your business

The cost of living is on an upward trajectory, so we need to have a plan in place ASAP to deal with the huge impact it is having on your business! With prices rising left right and centre, who should be picking up the bill? You or your customers? This is what Andy & Angela are answering this week on the ‘The Tradie Show’.

Angela’s tips to handling online reviews & customer complaints

Fear online reviews about your business? Wish they would just go away? Sadly, online reviews are here to stay! So rather than bury your head in the sand, get ready for some practical advice on how to deal with bad or fake online reviews, so you can put your best foot forward whenever someone is looking you up online!

Dealing with difficult staff

Great staff are hard to find, and it only takes one bad apple to ruin the pie. Tune into this week’s episode to get Andy & Angela’s insights into how to deal with difficult staff and build an awesome relationship between you and your team.

The Power of PR (Public Relations)

Public Relations may SOUND boring, but it’s the KEY to cutting your marketing budget IN HALF! Check out this week’s episode of ‘The Tradie Show’ to get the inside scoop on how to integrate PR into your marketing strategy and get your hard earned $$$ back in the bank!