Chasing debt wearing you down?
Apply these debt collection tactics and start filling up your bank account.

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This 8-step guide is designed to give tradies in business the tools to collect debt, including:

Reduce outstanding payments by discovering the exact steps we use in our plumbing business, Dr.DRiP, to invoice on the spot.

Collect your hard earned outstanding money using our phone call scripting, text message, and email templates.

Discover 'The Payment Power Timeline’. The exact formula to keep the power in your hands, not the customers.

Andy & Angela Smith


We’re Andy and Angela Smith, owners of Dr. DRiP Plumbing, co-founders of Lifestyle Tradie and authors of Start Up, Scale Up, Sell Up. Since 2009, we’ve been teaching tradies in business how to start up, scale up and sell up using a proven step-by-step formula we created after hitting rock bottom in business ourselves. We climbed out the hard way, learning our biggest lessons through expensive trial and error.

Think back to why you became a trade business owner in the first place. Is it working out the way you thought it would? Most tradies have aspirations to be their own boss one day. Here’s the thing: TAFE only taught you the rules and regulations. Your first boss only taught you how to swing a hammer. You’ve never been taught how to become a business owner, have you? That’s where our online training can help.

Our lives were in complete chaos. Now, Andy is completely off the tools. He chooses to spend about one-hour on Dr. DRiP each week. Want to get your life back, too?

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