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About Gotcha4Life:

Gotcha4Life is a non-for-profit foundation taking action to promote the concept of, and build, mental fitness in individuals and communities throughout Australia. To us, this means developing emotional muscle, social connection & resilience to prevent instances of poor mental health & suicide. We identify and fund programs that focus on this concept of ‘prevention through connection’.


  • Over 65,000 Australians make a suicide attempt
  • More than eight people die each day in Australia by suicide
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between 15 and 44 years of age

Lifestyle Tradie is so proud to partner with and support Gotcha4Life and the incredible work they do in breaking the stigma around mental health.

Meet Gus Worland, founder of Gotcha4Life

Gus Worland is a well-respected Australian media and radio personality, and the host of the podcast, ‘Not An Overnight Success.’ In 2017 following the success of his ABC docu-series, ‘Man Up’, as well as the tragic loss of his close friend and mentor to suicide, he realised through his network and influence, he could do something to help bring more awareness to the importance of connection and conversation… and Gotcha4Life was born!

Below you can listen to our episode of ‘The Tradie Show – Together in Trade Business’ with Gus, ‘Mental fitness and supporting a mate can save a life’. In this episode, Gus talked with Andy and Angela about the rising number of suicides in Australia, and what we can do to help prevent them. (Content warning: some listeners may find this topic distressing.)

Mental fitness and supporting a mate can save a life – Guest-starring Gotcha4Life Founder, Gus Worland