Being owed money can be a thing of the past

Are you owed Money?

I am sure over 50% of you replied….Yes!

It’s frustrating when you, together with your team, work hard to give your customers the best service possible.   Then, whether it’s a one off job or a loyal customer, at times it’s a struggle to receive the payment for the professional work completed. It’s just not fair!

I am surrounded by tradesmen. My husband and his brother are both plumbers, plus we have family members who are builders, electricians and others that work in air conditioning.  The one thing they have in common is being owed money at some point along the way – from 7 days to 7 years, from small amounts to a large sum.

I therefore, understand first hand what it’s like to have unpaid accounts in your business, and grasp how difficult and time-consuming the task of recovering these funds can be.

This is where I step in and share with you how I can help to recover some, if not ALL of the money owed.

I have over 20 years experience in debt recovery and clients to include Credit Unions, Banks, trades, large and small businesses. With an extensive understanding of the building and construction industry I now specialise in debt recovery for trades and contract to Victor A Bizannes, solicitor. No longer do you have to worry about unpaid accounts that distract you from the productivity and efficiency of running your business.

How it works.

Let me do it for you. Yes, a simple phone call to hand over the debt you wish to claim is all you need to do.

The first step is a Solicitor’s Demand Letter sent to the customer. Currently 72% of all outstanding money is recovered once this letter has been sent. It gives them 7 days to pay otherwise they could be facing legal action.  A court proceeding is something most people want to avoid!

Once the demand letter has been sent all of the communications with the debtor is made through us unless otherwise stipulated. No need to deal with awkward situations.

If no reply is received and you decide that you want to take legal action, documents are prepared, filed and served to enable us to get Judgment in the Local Court of New South Wales.

Once Judgment has been entered then we can then proceed to the recovery of the money owing by:

  1. Garnisheeing the debtor’s wages.
  2. Garnisheeing the debtor’s bank account.
  3. Sending a Sheriff to seize goods at the debtor’s premises.

Of the remaining debt that has been taken further, either before reaching judgment or in the proceedings of recovery, 97% has been recovered, leaving a total of 0.84% of debt unrecovered.

Success to me, is that my client (you!!) receive all money claimed, including all Court filing fees, solicitor’s costs and additional interest, which can be claimed after proceedings have been issued.

I look forward to helping you recover YOUR hard earnt money. 

Written by Melissa Marshall – Debt Recover specialist


“When considering the prospect of taking legal action against customers, we were unsure how much it would cost and if we did pursue legal proceedings how awkward it would be to deal with customers and the possibility of going to court – it all seemed too hard!  

After speaking with Melissa she allayed all of our trepidations by clearly explaining the process and urging us to collect money that was rightfully ours.  She also said that once the legal process begins she would field any calls from customers as they had been passed on to Debt Collection.  By maintaining a comprehensive paper trail the process was made easier and Melissa was confident that we could collect on outstanding debts.  I am pleased to say that since engaging the services of Melissa we have collected over 98% of claims.  I whole-heartedly recommend Melissa Marshall to anyone who is having trouble collecting payment from a customer”.

Carolyn Glen
Office Manager
Dr.DRiP Pty Limited.