Running out of money? Protect your cash flow

Do you have enough cash to run your trade business through this tight spot? Is there more cash going out than coming in? Right now, you should be keeping an eye on your cash flow forecast every month to see how you’re performing. When’s the last time you completed a cash flow forecast?

Developed by Andy and Angela Smith, owners of Dr. DRiP Plumbing and co-founders of Lifestyle Tradie, this super simple, trade-specific cash flow forecast template will help you protect your cash by predicting any cash flow shortages. Inside, we’ve outlined everything you need to know.

We use this exact template in our own trade business.

Cash Flow Guide

A lack of cash is one of the main reasons many trade businesses fail. Inside this guide, we’ve outlined how to protect your cash — and your future — by completing a cash flow forecast.

Cash Flow Template

This super simple, trade-specific cash flow forecast template is the exact one we use on our trade business to develop contingency plans for when tough times like this hit suddenly.

Once you’ve completed the cash flow forecast using our template, then what? Learn HOW to use the template in your trade business. Andy and Angela take an in-depth look here.

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