3 ways to get the most out of your job management software

All of our Lifestyle Tradie members use cloud-based job management software to streamline and track processes. For trade business owners, having job management software in place is a non-negotiable these days. You’ll agree, this is entry-level stuff.

Whichever job management software you’ve integrated into your business – ServiceM8, AroFlo, simPRO, FergusTradify, Buildxact or Ascora – the question is, are you using the platform’s features to their full potential?

If you haven’t integrated job management software into your business, choose the product that best meets the needs of your business. Don’t get side tracked by what other people tell you. You’ll head down a rabbit warren in the wrong direction!

Coming back to the purpose of this article, we share three ways to get the most out of your job management software to improve the flow of your day even further.

1.Tune in to new feature updates

Your job management software provider will diligently email you regular updates on new features or functionality. Hold the delete button. Be conscious of these updates. Understand how these new features or functions can benefit your business.

Think through what you need to get done in your day, and weigh up whether these applications can better serve your team members, profit margin and customers. You will find new features are easy to sync with your existing set up.

2. Get your team across any updates

Job management software is only as good as the people who use it. It is important your trade business team is totally proficient in using the relevant functions. If you’re activating new features in your workflow, they’ll need to know about it!

We are all creatures of habit. We get used to doing things a certain way. Give your team in the field all the tools and information they need to successfully adopt a new feature or process. Remember, a system is only as strong as the weakest link.

3. As the business owner, lead by example

Everything starts and stops with you. If you champion job management software, your team will respond to this. If you’re neither here nor there about it, they’ll take the same ho-hum approach. This is the time to step up and lead by example.

Everyone in the business benefits from automating many of the everyday processes, including your team members. Remind them of this. Give them insight into the tangible ways better systems and processes provide profit, and in turn, job security.

Finally, we don’t know what we don’t know

While job management software is not new to the trade industry, features and functionality are updated all the time. We don’t know what we don’t know. That’s why it’s important to swap stories with other trade business owners.

     What’s next?

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