What’s the key to adapting your marketing right now?

At the moment, times are tough. Work is starting to dry up. Leads are harder to come by. How do we get more paying customers through the door without spending a bomb on marketing to generate new leads?

The money is in your database.

All you have to do is unlock the hidden revenue in your email list. Your existing customers know and trust you. You’ve built a relationship with them. It’s more effective and budget-friendly to market to these guys.

In our maintenance-style trade business, Dr. DRiP Plumbing, we’ve found focusing on repeat customers results in triple average-dollar sales.

Here’s 4 low-cost ways to adapt your marketing right now.

     1. Send timely messages to your database

This is a time to be proactive in reaching out to your email list, positioning your messaging as solving an acute pain point. What are your customers experiencing now — and how can you solve it?

By reframing the way you communicate with your customers, you’ll prompt them to make a decision to use your services over sticking with the status quo (which is inaction, in this current climate).

You can message customers in two ways — email and/or text.

In a situation where customers are more mindful of spending money, it’s up to you to remind them why they’re in safe hands with your business. By being visible, you’ll be top-of-mind now — and down the track, too.

    2. Set up a customer referral program

Referrals are one of the most powerful lead generators for trade business owners. Your happy, satisfied customers can do a lot of legwork in advocating for your business, in a budget-friendly way.

But there’s a hitch. They’re not going to magically spread the word about your business, just because. It’s up to you to give your customers a reason to refer your business to their friends and family.

Yes, this involves an incentive or reward.

While there’s nothing new about referral programs. However, in circumstances of uncertainty, we turn to people we know and trust. So, referral programs are just as relevant today than ever before!

In Dr. DRiP Plumbing, this is what we’ve done. You’ll see we’ve built in rewards for both the referrer and referee. Importantly, this should be created as a repeatable process in your trade business.

    3. Partner with a local business

The message, #StrongerTogether, is uniting people and businesses in a positive way in this uncertain and challenging sh*t storm. Tough times bring people together. What does this mean for your trade business?

There’s nothing like the current madness to help us hone in on our business values and lean in to different opportunities. Many businesses are helping to serve others by partnering with other local businesses.

Partnering with a local business provides the chance to both grow and protect your business in an effort to recover stronger. It is a cross-promotional activity designed to add value for customers.

Why it works right now:

  1. Customers are looking closer to home for products and services because we’re all being encouraged to support local businesses.
  2. Customers are interested in value for money. In a partnership, you can cross-promote helpful offers and discounts.
  3. Some industries are suffering, others are experiencing a massive boom — sticking together opens up new possibilities both ways.

     4. Set up a reminder email system

In order for customers to buy from your trade business they need to take action, right? While fear can immobilise people, a friendly reminder email system can prompt action and drive sales.

For maintenance-style trade businesses, reminding your customers about the benefits of maintenance to prevent more costly issues arising, is a helpful gesture that will save your customer money in the long run.

With more customers staying at home at the moment, the strain on our electricity and plumbing can potentially increase the risk of issues and hazards. For example, a fire alarm check up will be important.

By sending reminder emails, it demonstrates you’re going the extra mile to serve your customers — and this care factor matters for them.

Finally, you’ve got money sitting in your database. Are you unlocking it?

    What’s next?

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  2. Leading a team in isolation? Just having a chat with someone who understands can help. Book a Game Plan Call with Andy.