Cut the marketing crap and get your strategy right

Angela takes us through her marketing formula in this episode of The Tradie Show. With this formula, you’ll learn how to land on the right strategy and tactics for your business that will help you stand out from the crowd, engage your desired customers AND assist in converting them. Tune in ASAP!

Tricks to manage difficult customers & turn them into lifelong clients. Guest starring Australia’s leading People-Skills Expert, Judeth Wilson

We’ve all got horror stories when it comes to working with crappy customers; bad customers are unavoidable no matter what trade industry we are in! Ditch the “it is, what it is” mentality and learn a few sneaky tricks from Australia’s leading People-Skills Expert, Judeth Wilson, in today’s episode.

Convert 50% MORE quotes to boost your PROFIT

If you could convert 50% MORE of your quotes, what impact would that have on your business? In today’s episode, Andy & Angela are sharing their quote converter guides— so you can DOUBLE your current quote conversions and boost your profit. Tune in ASAP!

Ditch the paper and get your job management software RIGHT! Guest starring Chief Operating Officer of AroFlo, David McDonald

On The Tradie Show podcast, Andy & Angela Smith are joined by Chief Operating Officer of AroFlo, David McDonald. Listen in as they chat about one of the things every trade business owner dreams of; less paperwork and a streamlined business without admin headaches. Tune in NOW to get your trade business job management software right!