21 Proven Strategies to Unlock Your Creative Genius

As a trade business owner do you ever find yourself in a state of action paralysis? where you know you have plenty to do, but not too sure what to do next?
Instead of developing a new marketing plan, or strategically detailing the steps to follow, you simply feel like you’ve hit a brick wall and your creative brain has switched off.

If you’re keen to get the creative juices flowing again and get traction in your business, then take a few minutes to check out this fantastic infographic – 21 Ways to Unlock Creative Genius – from our friends at Entrepreneur Magazine.
I particularly like FOCUSmaster one thing, not everything.
There is no better way to get traction in your business than by having complete single focus.

Think: what should I do right now that will give me bang for my buck?
Where am I going to get a huge return on investment on my time?
because that’s where you should start first.

If you’re not too sure, then take advantage of one of the other cool tips; Reset Goals. Ask yourself; What do I really want?
Make sure you are spending time on something that is going to be worthwhile in the long run.
For example: stop spending 8 hours a day integrating a new CRM system into your business when, if you’d really thought about it, was the wrong choice in the first place (when you see your business 2-5 years from now).

Don’t get bamboozled by the crazy number of ‘things’ that need to get done in a day.
If you use these great ideas, you’ll unlock your creative genius and set yourself up for a productive, profitable next few months or even years!

You can access this infographic on 21 Ways to Unlock Creative Genius from Entrepreneur Magazine.



To view in more detail, or to download, click below to view the Entrepreneur Magazine Page for access.
21 Ways to Unlock Creative Genius

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