Increase your Productivity and Gain More Free Time Outsourcing.

Do you ever find yourself short of time?
Do you keep on putting the important tasks off to tomorrow?

I’m sure like myself many of you answered yes to at least one of those questions.
Well here’s the good news…stop putting off the tasks that you can get achieved today. And I don’t mean staying up until all hour of the night to get it done!

Gone are the days where you have to do it all yourself! Today you can simply go online and hire a freelance employee to complete the work done for you…and at very little cost too! Through websites like E-lance and O-Desk you can post a job, hire a freelancer, monitor the progress of the freelance employee and finish the job by a certain deadline. Whether it is a designer, writer, illustrator or programmer that you need, there is a freelancer out there waiting for your job.

Let’s talk Elance…

Elance is leading the way in today’s hiring revolution. It is the top platform for online work and is the most-popular place to find, hire, manage and collaborate with online freelancers. The best thing about it…it doesn’t cost a cent to register and post jobs to instantly access a community of over 2 million of the world’s best freelancers. You can find web programmers, mobile app developers, graphic designers and other freelancers with excellent skills.

It is a really simple 7 step process…
1. Research – take some time reading other jobs posted to educate yourself about what to write in your own ad.
2. Post your job – Once registered you’re free to post jobs.
3. Review job proposals – browse each proposal and review their portfolio of previous work, tests passed, job feedback/rating (just like eBay) and more
4. Select a freelancer – award the job to a happy freelancer.
5. Manage and collaborate online – Track job progress in your shared Workroom. Stay on top of jobs by setting milestones, viewing work in progress, video conferencing with freelancers and more.
6. Pay only for work you approve – simply deposit funds into their licensed escrow and your freelancer will be paid when milestones are met.
7. DONE!

O-Desk works in a very similar way. They have over a million contractors ready and waiting for your job. Similarly to E-lance, you are able to sign up and post jobs for free. Payment is only on completion of the job. O-Desk follows the same seven step process like E-lance above.

Using E-lance and O-Desk will save you money using a highly skilled contractor, it will increase your business’ productivity, and best part… it frees up YOUR time.

What’s next?

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