What I’ve Learnt About Habits in 27 Short Days…and still counting…

–       Clear headed

–       Focused

–       More Energy

–       Sleep Better

–       Feeling Fresh

–       A Spring in my step

–       More Motivated

These are the results from one tiny change in my life A new habit created in just 27 short days.

You’ve probably done something like this before, given up alcohol after a social Christmas/New Year period, committed to a sporting group (like a running group) or started a new ‘Healthy Eating Plan’.

If you have, you know what I mean when I say ‘a new level of energy’. These have got to be some of the most rewarding and productive actions anyone can achieve. When you have results like those, who could argue!

As well as make you feel amazing, what it also does is create a ‘New Normal’ in your world. Want to create or break a habit? Here’s what to do:

1. Learn to do easier types of habits first.

Small changes are easier to start, and easier to sustain. Starting with something small will take less effort, be easier to commit to, and once you’ve succeeded, will give you the confidence to move onto something bigger and more challenging.

2. When you make a small change, your ‘normal’ adjusts.

No body likes drastic changes without having been given the time to adjust. Changing your life in small steps, one small change at a time, is much easier and much more likely to acheive than making multiple huge changes all at once. Gradually change your normal, to Your new normal.

3. It doesn’t matter which change you focus on first – Just pick one.

Incremental changes add up to huge changes

The order of your changes really doesn’t matter, what does is the fact that you are making them at all! But committing to lots of changes at once, or big changes, means you are less likely to succeed. Stick with small changes and you’ll see some powerful long-term change.

4. Habits are tied to triggers.

When the trigger happens, the habit follows… For example, when I arrive at work, I immediately turn on my computer, and then make a coffee. If I wanted to give up coffee, then I would need to replace the coffee with grabbing a glass of water, that way I’m still turning my computer on, and still going to the kitchen. Slowly but surely, my trigger will form a new habit.

5. Trust Yourself

The most important factor is trust in yourself that you will stick to the habit. You need to build trust with yourself slowly, with small promises and small victories. This takes time. But it’s arguably the most important thing you can do.

6. Get Some Rest.

If you are sleep deprived, you’ll be tired and will have little energy to focus on keeping up with pretty much anything, least of all your new habit.

Do yourself a favour…get the sleep you need.

What habit are you trying to rid yourself of? Of better still, create new?

Change is tough and habits are hard to form. If you want to learn a new skill, don’t decide you’ll become world-class. The goal is too big, the road too long. Instead, decide you’ll learn to do one small thing really, really well. Then build on that.

Success, even from something minor, is a great motivator. Each small success will encourage you to make another small change… Just one step at a time.

Stick with it! Soon you will create your ‘New Normal’.

What’s next?

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