Do You Live In A Bubble?

Do You Live in A Bubble? Well, no more….
The ‘Hole In The Wall Experiment’ Opens Our Eyes On Our World…

It’s like a light bulb turns on when you watch the TED Talk from 2013 TED award winner Dr Sugata Mitra called ‘Hole In The Wall Experiment’. What an inspirational man…

His story goes like this… After seeing his 6 year old son teach himself to use the computer, he wanted to test the idea that kids can learn through discovery and interest.
In 1999 Dr Sugata Mitra placed a high speed computer on the side of the road in a clay wall in a small slum village in New Dehli, India.
The kids didn’t go to school, they spoke no English and a computer was a foreign object never been seen before.
The kids asked ‘what is it?’, to which he replied ‘I don’t know!’, and walked away.

A camera recorded their every move and within 4 hours the kids were teaching each other how to browse the internet, play games and watch video music. So, Dr Sugata Mitra repeated the experiment in other 3rd world countries with similar results over the course of many years.
The lesson learnt since 1999 from the ‘Hole In The Wall Experiment’ is this:

‘If Kids Have Interest,
Education Happens’

In short, the kids adaptive learning and increased knowledge base all started with harmless curiosity. An innocence where there is no doubt, an openness where there is no negativity and an acceptance where knowledge just happens!

Instead of turning their back on the computer because they didn’t know anything about it, they instead turned their curiosity into a positive sponge absorbing everything about the new computer and what it could do. They had fun AND without knowing it, their knowledge increased, they reached a world beyond their own and for some, their aspirations were set…high.

There was one 12 year old boy from Shirgaon, a coastal village in India, that looked beyond the games he could play. He taught himself how to speak English and how to use it properly. His name was Arun Chavan and today, at the age of 23, he is undertaking a PhD in Evolutionary Biology at Yale University in the United States. Arun credits his current position and outlook on life to the ‘Hole in The Wall Experiment’.

Arun escaped the bubble of life in Shirgaon thanks to the knowledge he gained through opening his mind to the possibility of ‘what if’.

He did this without guidance. Imagine what can be achieved when you do…

So our question to you is this;
How often do you look outside your bubble?
To learn something new that could inject some fun into your life?
To learn something new that could positively impact the business – where stress levels are removed, profit is increased and time is maximised?

And if you are stretching your brain (because I know you are), how often do you keep it up? Every day, every week, once a month?

The lesson from the ‘Hole In The Wall Experiment’ for us, should be this:

‘If We Have Interest,
Education Happens,
Positive Change Occurs’

It’s NEVER too late to expand your mind, LEARN something new, APPLY your learning to the better of yourself and your business/community and CREATE a better world in which to live!

We challenge you to continually look beyond your bubble and create the positive change you want in your life!

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