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#1. Comparison: Best tradie vehicles

Published: 4 July 2019

In this article, Andy Smith, co-founder of Lifestyle Tradie, weighed into the debate with his view on the pros and cons of vans, utes and trucks.

Andy noted there are some key areas of consideration for every trade business owner looking to buy new vehicles. While the most appropriate choice is personal, think carefully about the following:

  • Vehicle wrapping – would your business artwork work well on the vehicle?
  • Storage – will your equipment fit? How easy is it get in and out of the car?
  • Security – are you confident your equipment will be safe and secure?
  • Loading heights – what will work best for the jobs you do?
  • Budget – understand your numbers!

While Andy expressed he’s a fan of the van, we noted the strong views on the best trade vehicles. This wasn’t surprising given the central role cars play in the everyday operations of trade businesses.

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#2. Why watching The Block is torturous for tradies

Published: 29 August 2019

Do you find reality renovation TV shows like The Block torturous to watch? For many tradies, the unrealistic timeframes and questionable workmanship leaves them shaking a fist at the television in frustration.

If you followed The Block 2019, you’ll have noticed a certain online service directory – a platform that connects customers with registered tradespeople – is a major sponsor.

Known as the on-demand tradie economy (or platform economy), the introduction of this digital marketplace has disrupted the residential trade sector by transforming the process of lead generation.

The shift has divided the tradie community. Some tradies believe the on-demand process creates an under-cut-a-thon while others reckon it frees up admin time.

This article sparked hot debate.

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#3. Tax tips for tradies in 2019

Published: 20 June 2019

In this article, Lifestyle Tradie compiled 4 quick tax tips to help you through the end-of-financial year shenanigans. There’s even a tax deduction for tradies you may not know about.

1. Good versus a great accountant

2. Reporting

3. Cash flow forecasts

4. Goals for 2020

Good financial planning is often the difference between nailing your goals, and not achieving them. Make all that hard work worth it.

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