[NEW!] The ultimate book for trade business owner

Since 2009, we’ve been teaching tradies how to be kick-ass business owners through Lifestyle Tradie. In huge news to kick-off 2020, Andy and Angela Smith are releasing a new book, Start Up. Scale Up. Sell Up.

Whether you’re starting up, scaling up or selling up your trade business, this is the ultimate book for tradies in business! When it comes down to it, we’re all in the same boat: we want more freedom.

What does freedom mean to you?

  • Freedom is having the capacity to work on the tools while having the flexibility to take time off whenever you like — and still be profitable.
  • Freedom is getting off the tools to manage your growing team from an office, while having the flexibility to take time off whenever you like — and still be profitable.
  • Freedom is setting up a streamlined, structured and profitable business, which is ready to sell for a price that reflects all your hard work.

The right business model is your key to freedom. Is your business model broken? Do you even have a business model

Five tactics to power up your profits

Start Up. Scale Up. Sell Up. is your how-to guide to creating more freedom in your life. Along with the right business model, the book cover these five tactics to power up your profits:

1. Quote like a pro. Win more work.

2. Repeat customers. Triple the money.

3. Customers want it now. Keep up.

4. Get out of your own way.

5. Freedom in the shape of flowchart.

Power through the easy-to-read book and apply these tactics to your trade business for long-lasting results.

Happy members, massive results

Lifestyle Tradie’s teaches proven and specific strategies for trade business owners have helped achieve massive results for our members.

“Andy and Ange taught us about getting our business model right. In the first 18 months, our business turned over $1.2 million with solid profit margin. We’re on track to hit $2.5 million this financial year. Next year, our aim is to hit $5 million. We’re so pumped for what the future holds. It’s incredible! We couldn’t be happier.”

— Kieren and Jackson, Lexity Plumbing and Electrical, Victoria, Australia

“From the start, Lifestyle Tradie’s 90-day plan for us was fantastic. It helped us to focus on the things we really needed to do. Immediately, the things we implemented in the field and the things we implemented on-the-job increased our turnover by 300-400 per cent on 80 per cent of our jobs. It was just a game changer.”

— Ashley, Woolf Plumbing & Gas, Western Australia, Australia

In the past couple of years our revenue has increased by 279% and we have tripled our profit. We’re now working with customers who appreciate a high level of customer service and quality workmanship. Lifestyle Tradie has introduced us to a world of ‘working smarter, not harder’. We’re back to loving our business, customers and newfound freedom.”

— Christie and Steve Baran, Voltair, ACT, Australia

Want a copy of Start Up. Scale Up. Sell Up.? Stay tuned…