A 4 Step Guide To Creating Business Success Habits

So, what is success?

Superficially, in business or career, people tend to recognise success by ones business size, job title, income and other factors that they perceive as such (whether they are really a true indication of ones success or not). However, this is only just scratching the surface of what success is, or perceived to be.

Talk to anyone that has become successful in his or her field and you will discover that they didn’t just get there ‘by accident’. They didn’t just ‘get lucky!’. The achievements of hundreds of smaller goals have equated to their success and it is because of positive, relentless habits that these goals have been reached.

Do you have the right habits in place to lead you to business success?

Habits are behaviours that become automatic through repetition. Unfortunately, when it comes to mundane tasks, sticking to certain behaviours long enough for it to become a habit is not an easy task.

If you feel that frequently, or on occasions, you struggle to stick to positive behaviours long enough to create the habits that will bring you success, then perhaps you should take the following steps. 

STEP 1 – Clarity

Be clear about the behaviours you are trying to turn into habits to the detail and write them down.

Instead of ‘I will follow up quotes once a week’ be specific with ‘I will follow up quotes every Monday from 9am’.

Being specific is key because you’ve defined a time in your life to carry out this behaviour, which increases your commitment to it.

You have now even blocked out time in your calendar, on a weekly basis, to ensure this task is conducted, and hence the commitment of consistency is locked in. 

STEP 2 – Time frame

They say that it takes 21 days to turn behaviour into habit so set yourself a timeline of about a month and make an unwavering commitment to carry out the behaviours of the habit you wish to form.

Once the month is up, you’ve hopefully established a habit and the thought of continuing it forever won’t seem so daunting.

STEP 3 – Tell the world

 If it is appropriate to do so, and something you feel comfortable doing, tell other people about the behaviours you are trying to turn into habits.

If you commit privately to these behaviours, it is easier to give up than if others know.

Not only this, but if others know, they will make sure that they don’t do anything to jeopardise the formation of these habits.

STEP 4 – Doing the behaviours

It can be extremely challenging to get started and remain consistent with certain behaviours, especially when they are mundane.

‘Consistency’ is the key. It is this initial stage of forming a habit that is critical. You must be committed 100% to your behaviours and refuse to let excuses or distractions waver this commitment. More often that not, one small ‘slip-up’ will mitigate the whole process.

In order to keep consistent do the following;

* Set Reminders

Set alarms, phone reminders, computer reminders and anything else you can think of to ensure you don’t innocently forget to do the behaviours you are aiming to make habitual.

Set your reminders for the whole month (or timeframe) you have given yourself to make this habit all at once.

* Triggers

In addition to reminders, create triggers to instigate your desired behaviours.

For example, if you’re losing your car keys, put a key box at the front door as a trigger. The act of seeing the box will create a trigger to put your keys in it.

* Remove obstacles and temptations

If you find along the way that there are obstacles or temptations that are preventing you from completing behaviours remove them immediately!

* Reposition your self-talk

Are these mundane behaviours putting you in a negative mindset?

Consider reframing the way you talk to yourself.

Instead of letting the thoughts take over, acknowledge them and interject with a ‘but’, followed by a positive statement.

For example, “I really hate reviewing my marketing strategy and analytics every week”, “BUT, marketing is the best way to get knew leads and I can’t wait for the influx in work that this will generate.”

* Associate with the right people

Hang out with people that consider the habits you are creating important, and people that will support and encourage you.

* Remind yourself of the results

Continuously remind yourself of what you will gain from your new habits. Write down results, stick pictures on your wall, whatever it takes to remember that the behaviours you are repeating are creating habits that will lead to success.
The best part of creating success habits is that there is nothing to lose!
In the end, you’re performing positive behaviours along the way. Remember, consistency is the key. Keep it up…

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