Proactive or Reactive Leadership – which one are you?

We all find that at some time or another, things can get a little chaotic in our workplace. And sometimes, things just run smoothly (most of the time we hope!)

When you find yourself in either situation, how do you respond?

Are you a Reactive Leader – responds to change when it happens and ‘tells’ the team how to do something? Or are you a Proactive Leader – Uses the unity of the team to solve a problem and find solutions, paints a vision for the future that is embraced by all and influences change using teamwork?

A Proactive Leader is much more focused on achieving performance objectives rather than focused on finding and fixing immediate problems; that is the reality of the Reactive Leader. Unfortunately the seemingly urgency nature of the problems that come up day-in and day-out perpetuate the fire-fighting mode of the Reactive Leader. Let’s take a look at them both:


There is certainly a time and place for a Reactive Leadership style just as there is a time and place for a Proactive Leadership style. If the plane is about to crash, the last thing any of us would want the captain to do is to gather his/her team around him/her and ask them what they think we should do in this situation!

However, be wary of being so comfortable with the Reactive style of leadership that you get caught up in ‘saving the plane’ every day.


TAKE ACTION: A Challenge for you…

Using the table above, have a think about the kind of leader you are. Decide if that’s the kind of leader you ‘aspire’ to be.

– What would you need to undertake in the form of self improvement to move your style of leadership from one to another?

– Which of the attributes that you chose to focus on have the greatest impact on your team achieving its performance outcomes?
– What specific action could you take TODAY that would make a difference?

What’s next?

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