48% of sales people never follow up with a customer. Don’t you be one of them by automating your way to converted quotes. Here’s how…

It can be a headache! You spend your precious time, money and a considerable amount of effort doing a quote and the customer says ‘no’ to going-ahead with the job.

At this point many tradesmen will make, what they think is the logical next step and give up, moving on to the next customer. However, this is exactly what NOT to do.

The thing is, ‘No’ doesn’t always mean no. How do you know that ‘no’ just doesn’t mean not today, or I’m not the decision maker and need to speak to someone else first? You didn’t even ask.

Let’s assume you asked the right questions and uncovered ‘the truth’ while you were onsite, and are fully aware that they are simply just not ready. What do you do now?
Do you still walk away? No.

Outside of the time spent doing the quote, you have probably invested a bit of money into getting the lead in the first place. Don’t waste it!
Don’t forget the fact that they are expecting you to ask for the sale at another time.

Instead of having to rely on your memory to call them in a few days time (and that would be a great idea… not!), have you ever thought about applying a ‘set and forget’ quote follow up system in your trade business?

Using automated email sequences and electronic task reminders you can maintain your customer engagement once you have walked away, and the best part, you won’t need to write little post-it notes to remind yourself every day of where you are at in the process with each customer.

First and foremost, you should agree on the number of times you want/need to connect with a customer, both online and offline, in the quote follow up system.

The online component can be automated through a marketing communication platform and the electronic task reminders can be scheduled on your diary management system.

The scheduled emails should be very specific to the particular issue your customer wants resolved.

For example, if you have a plumbing company, like us, you would have different email sequences for particular plumbing issues such as blocked drains, pipe relining or hot water systems. Each sequence should have helpful tips, information, article/blog posts and testimonials about that particular issue.
You can apply the 80/20 rule here, 80% would be the ‘what’s in it for the customer” information above, and 20% of the emails should be about you and your business, and the benefits of why they should work with you.

The flow needs to have both online (emails) and offline (phone calls) steps to ensure you stay connected and provide the opportunity to ask for the sale. That’s what its all about right!

This will increase your credibility, and will act as subtle reminders of your business.

When the National Sales Executive Association quotes that 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect, then don’t you be one of them.

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We have a complete ‘Quote Flow System’ designed for our trade business. It covers three areas – Prepare, Present and Post Love,; what we do to prepare to meet the customer, how we present the quote and convert the job, and what we do post the job.

Once we set it up once (the flow), and apply each customer to the sequence, it really is set and forget.

It allows us to maximise each step of the quoting process without having to think!

What’s next?

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  2. Book a 15-minute Game Plan Call with Andy, owner of Dr. DRiP plumbing and co-founder of Lifestyle Tradie, to clarify your priorities and get clear action steps.

It is this ongoing automated communication that will build a relationship and trust with your customer all while you are focused on something else. Gotta love that!

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