Running a trade business can feel lonely and isolating. There are so many things to juggle and sometimes it is hard to know if you are making the right decisions, and often you find yourself suffering in silence.

My husband owns a Trade business on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Like many tradie wives, I, Verity, ended up leaving my full-time job to help run the business when it became overwhelming for him to manage on his own. I come from a marketing, and advertising background which I felt would give us a leg up on the competition.

Marketing can seem daunting to many. It can make or break a business, so I thought that I could add real value with my professional marketing experience and help grow the company to its full potential. The trouble was… I had no previous experience in running a small business.

Tradies hold their cards tight to their chest; it seemed no matter where I looked, it was challenging to find trade-specific assistance and support for running and growing a trade business. Although I was in many great business groups on Facebook, I always had trade specific questions that I found difficult to answer. It was incredibly frustrating and honestly disheartening that it seemed there was such a lack of communication between trades.

One morning in the shower (where the best ideas start), I thought I would start a group to connect with other Tradies partners who were in the same boat, and so TradieWives was born!

I soon realised there were so many other women feeling just like me. There was such a great need to connect, not only with each other, but also to businesses who offer much needed support to Trades. My dream was to create a safe place to share ideas, struggles, laughs and insights into how to run a trade business. I wanted to minimise those barriers of isolation and create a community of likeminded people to support each other.

If you are a Tradie wife or partner, we’d love for you to join us!

The community continues to grow rapidly, and we have some big plans for 2021 including some face-to-face events (Covid permitting). We can also promise lots of relatable laughs from an industry that can be quite stressful to navigate.