What To Do If You Drop Your Mobile Phone In Water

Have you lost count the number of times you or one of your team have lost your mobile phone into water (perhaps even the toilet)? well, you’re not alone…

I must admit I have personally experienced anxiety as I watched my mobile phone sink to the depths of a toilet bowl. Like slow motion my hand dove to retrieve ‘my world’ from its watery grave while the neighbours heard the shrill ‘Noooooo’ escape my lips. It really is a feeling I would rather soon forget, especially when the reality is, that little piece of metal the size of your hand is the make or break of many a business (it was mine). Without it important calls are missed and bags of money may as well be flushed out to sea.

So with this said, the question to ask is: Can you save a mobile phone from a watery grave? and the answer is YES… if you move quick you can…

This is what any tradesman would pay good money to hear.

10 Steps to Resurrect Your Favourite Companion;

Step1: Do not panic.

Step2: React quickly. The plastic covers on mobile phones are fairly tight, so in most cases you’ve got about 20 seconds to get it out of the pool/sea/toilet/beer/cocktail before water gets in.

Step3: Remove the battery. If the battery remains in the phone, it can fry its circuits. (In some mobile phones there is a small white piece of paper on the battery. It turns pink when wet. A great indication on how wet your phone really got!)

Step4: Remove the SIM card. Your phone’s SIM is surprisingly resilient, but it can corrode. However, treating it well means that if you aren’t able to resurrect your phone, you will at least save the stored information.

Step5: Remove as much moisture by wiping the phone with absorbent paper. DO NOT shake the phone as you could disperse the water damage.

If you have a vacuum cleaner then use this to drag as much water out of the front and rear of the phone.

Step6: Half-fill a plastic container with uncooked rice [We suggest Arborio rice for extra absorbency].

Step7: Bury the phone and its battery in the middle of the rice. The rice will rapidly draw water out of the phone and absorb it.

Step8: Leave the phone and battery in the middle of the rice for at least 24 hours to maximise the effect.

Step9: Check that phone and battery are clean and dry looking.

Step10: Re-attach the battery to the phone and see if it works.

If your phone does not work, try plugging it into its charger without the battery; if this works, you need a new battery. If not, try taking your mobile phone to an authorised dealer. Sometimes they can fix it.

Hot tip if you take this route with an authorized dealer – don’t try to hide the fact that it has been wet. Manufacturers of most modern mobile phones use indicator stickers that will change colour in the presence of a liquid. This lets technicians know that you have dropped your phone in water.

You should be aware that most warranties don’t cover water damage, and not even all insurance companies or plans will honour water-damaged phones.

So if nothing else remember this: mobile phones and water do not mix!

Removing your mobile phone from the liquid it’s immersed in quickly and immediately, then removing the battery, gives you the best chance of saving your phone

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