Tradies Need To Be On The Cutting Edge of Technology. Here’s Why…

Are you a trade business owner that is freaked out about adopting technology into your business?
Still operating with a good-ole’ diary system?
How’s that going for you?

What if I told you that you could increase your productivity by 300% or more, simply by adopting technology?
and no, I’m NOT pulling your leg.

Here’s the thing… we know from experience, that even adopting one portion of technology into our trade business allowed us to reduce our office admin head-count by 3 days. YES, 3 FULL DAYS!
Saving $$ to us big time…. And that’s only the beginning of what it did for our business….

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that technology is not for tradies.

The internet and the technology that comes with it have revolutionised the way we do business.

AND Don’t kid yourself to think that your business is too small either. This is for EVERY tradie…. No matter the size of your business. In fact, I’d argue it’s easier to set it up right from the start, so lucky you if you’re just starting…

What’s it done for us?
It has helped make the day run smoother, created better cash flow, improved transparency, boosted our profits and helped us gain back time… where once we were living in a world of chaos and ‘paper’ pain (yes, that’s a fact!).

So what do you mean by technology?
Great question….

When we talk technology we mean adopting all things CLOUD… things like Cloud Accounting whereby you can provide access to multiple people (your bookkeeper and accountant) at the same time remotely.
No more having to drop off tubs of receipts and paperwork to your bookkeeper every week.
No more having to download files from your computer to send to your accountant. In fact, one of our members, Andrew from Everest Electrical in Sydney, has a joke that he can ‘reconcile in traffic!” (funny thing is – he’s serious!)

Cloud Accounting works even BETTER when it links with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). This is your internet based computerised diary and where your database of customers live.

Yep, a REALLY important part of the business. Why? Because the money is IN your database (conversation for another time. Just know you need to get it right and collect every contact).

Scrap the excel spreadsheet, or buckets of invoices sitting in the shed never to be looked at again. You MUST start collecting this information in ONE PLACE. Make it useful…..

Oh… and most importantly, your ENTIRE business operates from this one location. Again FROM ANYWHERE!

Our office is currently in Newcastle, but we can see what’s going on and could take the phones at anytime in our office in Sydney to control and manage the team of tradies right across Sydney. Happy days!

From Cloud Accounting to CRM… these are only 2 of the 9 different parts of the ‘Paperless Platform’ Matrix we have adopted in our business to get our Model RIGHT!. And you should too…

Without that it’s like building a house without a plan. Where does the slab go? What about the framework? Tough job…

This is about EMBRACING the new tradie way, one that empowers YOU to operate a paperless, stress free, productive and profitable trade business.

Times are changing… and you don’t want to get left behind…

You can join the ‘Tradie Revolution’ and transform your trade business with the latest cutting edge technology in marketing and systemisation…so you can work fewer hours, make more money and stay way ahead of the competition.

So, have you adopted Cloud Accounting yet?
What about a CRM?
What changes has it brought to your business?
We’d love to hear from you.
Andy & Ange

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