Lifestyle Tradie Magazine #65 – January – June 2023

In edition 65 of the Lifestyle Tradie Magazine, we deliver you very current topics from the tradie world that YOU need to know about. In this release, our VIP Diamond Members, Paul & Angela Bondini from Coolrite Air Conditioning explain the ups and downs they’ve experienced since taking over at Coolrite, and how important their kids have been in wanting to make the business a success! Check out the magazine to read their full profile, plus:
  • The pros and cons of hiring an apprentice vs. a qualified tradesperson
  • Knowing how to price for PROFIT in your business
  • 9 simple steps to convert more leads
  • How to spread risk and prepare yourself for anything
  • Boost your mindset and conquer anxiety with Dr. Jodie Lowinger
  • PLUS heaps more.