How To Captivate Your Clients

Derived from Content Rules, Ann Handley and CC Chapman

Did you know content is the new advertising? In a world of information overload we do not want more biased ads and PR spin. Instead, we want to learn and be more informed.

Content marketing is the key to lead generation and to take advantage your business will need to become a publishing entity. It is important to share what you know with your customers to position yourself as a market leader.

How Content Are You?

Content Marketing is the strategic sharing of information to attract/serve customers.

Your goal is to educate, enlighten and solve your customer’s problems. In content marketing 90% if the message is informing and only 10% is selling, which is the direct reverse of advertising.

General content includes FAQs, videos, webinars, slideshows, the text on your website and the list goes on. An example is creating a video to show your customers how to change a tap washer.

So what sort of content should you create?

The content depends on your business strategy and the needs of your audience. Here are ‘4 Principles Of Content Marketing’ that you need to consider:

  1. Solve Your Customers Problems
  2. Stick to your Strengths
  3. Design to Use It More Than Once (eg. slice big content into smaller content series)
  4. Let Your Personality Shine Through

What specific tools should you use to create content and drive lead generation?

Here are 9 Concept Components to consider…

  1. Blog – a page on your website that is the centre of all your activity.
  2. Webinars – a virtual seminar where you are able to present a series of slides whilst talking and interacting with a live audience.
  3. Photos – great for adding credibility to your company by posting on facebook or flickr.
  4. Stories as case studies –show how you solved one of your customer’s problems.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions –show you have a high level of interest in the customers needs.
  6. Videos – a story with real people in it.
  7. Podcast – record yourself talking solo or with others to educate your customers. Customers can listen while they are on the go!
  8. E-Books – electronic documents full of information.
  9. iPhone Apps – develop your own app to share your audio, video, FAQ’s etc
  10. User Generated Content – such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can use them to simply broadcast your message in a one-way system or you can choose to interact with your customers.

How Can You Become The Market Leader In Your Industry?

In short, the best marketer wins. And the smart way to do this is to be giving with your content.

Ask yourself these 5 questions;

  1. What are your business objectives? What do you want to use content marketing to achieve? Lead generation? Sales?
  2. What are your content strengths? Are you a natural writer? Or perhaps handy with a camera.
  3. What does the market want to know? and how do they prefer to hear the information?
  4. What components appeal? In smaller bite size chunks, or large?
  5. What specific topics would you cover? What problems will you solve?

With the answers to these questions, you can develop your content strategy. Think about how they fit together to create a stream of content.

The Challenge

Be Content! Create your Content Marketing Strategy to Educate, Enlighten and Solve your customers’ problems! Remember…The Best Content Wins!

What’s next?

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