How to Get Customers Eating Out of the Palm of Your Hand

I kid you not when I tell you there is a secret to making this become a reality.
Want to know what it is?

Before I share the answer with you, let me ask you a question;

Have you ever been at a restaurant and the waitress commented they loved the smell of your aftershave?, or a stranger at a friend’s BBQ comments how much they liked your shirt and asked where you bought it?
How did this make you feel?

Well, as long as the comment was legitimate and sincere, you were probably flattered and you instantly liked them, right?

“Flattery will get you nowhere”, prospects who want to appear strong-willed would say, but actually, flattery can get you almost anywhere!

The reason;

people want to feel good about themselves… and if you give them a legitimate way to do it, you immediately get their attention.
The thing is, it’s human nature to then be receptive to communication in return.

This interest in return increases if the flattering comment was delivered with a genuine smile, enthusiasm in the voice and friendly eye contact; massive ticks when it comes to building RAPPORT.

So, if it works in our social life, to make new friends or attract the opposite sex (Mmmm, interesting that!), then how about it working in our professional life?

‘Flattery marketing tactics’, for what of a better explanation, works well with every customer – regardless of their status in life, where they live and how old they are. Why? because, like it or not, we are all egotistical in one form or another. And that’s a fact!

Don’t tell me the 80 year old customer wasn’t chuffed that you loved her well kept flowerbeds, or the 30year old customer didn’t straighten a little when you passed comment on the new Porsche in the driveway!

The key to ‘flattery marketing tactics’ is to speak directly to the customer, tapping into what makes them feel good.

The best way to do this is to keep your eyes open as you walk into their home as you’re bound to trip over numerous things that are important to them.
As Robert Collier says; “Enter the conversation already going on in your customers mind”.

If you really think about it, that 30year old was nodding his head in agreement when you said “I know exactly what’s wrong here . It’ll take no more than 30 minutes to sort out. You’ll be on the open road in that awesome Porsche I saw out front in no time! So, how fast does it drive?”.

Now the point about being genuine is critical here…

– you couldn’t say the same sentence if the vehicle you passed was a little red Charade! Such a comment would only leave the customer thinking ‘how odd’ you are! A feeling that’s clearly not conducive to building rapport, and hence not great as a base to selling.

So, can you recount an incident where the customer was more receptive to you simply based on your honest ‘flattery’ of something within their home, or on their person?

Tap into the ego, fuel it appropriately, and you can get people figuratively ‘eating out of the palm of your hand‘…
YES, flattery will get you everywhere!

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