Are You Helping Your Customers Decide To BUY?

The EXACT 5 steps to increase your chance of a sale almost every time! and what’s even better, the steps are so easy, you’ll see immediate results… here’s how…

Sounds crazy right… that all you have to do is follow 5 simple steps and you’ll help your customer make a decision to give you money, or not. Pick you as their tradie of choice, or not. Use you long term, or not. Well, the decision is yours. Do you want them as a customer today and forever? Thought you’d say yes… I’ll show you how in just a minute…

Research shows that there is, in fact, a psychological 5 step order that we all follow when making decisions about spending our money. They’re based on our personal perception. You see, it’s human nature to buy from someone we like. Do you agree? How many times have you willingly given money to someone you don’t like? Not often I’m sure.

It is for this reason that YOU being a likeable person is the first step you need to master to increase your chance of a sale almost every time, over the phone or face-to-face. Let’s take a look at them all…

The EXACT 5 steps or stages are what we call the Buying Decision Triangle. Your understanding of this sequence and helping a customer follow it is like pulling out their wallet and handing yourself some cash…

The Buying Decision Triangle

1. You
2. The Business
3. Product/Service
4. Price
5. Time

1. You

A prospect’s first impression is not based on the product/service, but of the person trying to make the sale.

The prospect passes judgement on you, how you look, how you talk and if you are really interested in helping me today. As the saying goes, ‘the first 30 seconds are critical’…and let me share this little secret… the relationship you form with your customer must strengthen throughout the next 4 steps as YOU are personally judged throughout the entire process.

2. Business

Once you’ve personally passed the test, the prospect will then want assurances your business is solid, can offer guarantees and has the same integrity as you. What is the company’s reputation and what experiences has other customers had with you?

If you are thinking awards and testimonials might come in handy here, you’d be right.

3. Product/Service

Is your product/service the right solution for their needs?

By asking the right questions the salesperson will be able to match the exact solution to the prospect. This is communicated through benefits as opposed to features of the product/service.

Ask your customer questions to clarify what, exactly, they want. Once you know this your professional suggestions of a long-term solution will be welcomed.

4. Price

Prospects buy value, not price. Unless the prospect understands the product/service has value for them and they see the benefits, no price will be right. It is therefore imperative to communicate the product/service in light of benefits to the customer, not features. Keep in mind, ‘What’s in it for me?”

Remember, its not about the drill to make the holes in the wall (the feature), it’s about the customer being able to hang the picture of their family (benefit).

5. Time

If the prospect has answered ‘yes’ to the first four decisions you’ve almost closed the sale. It is time to ask for the sale. In short, the prospect will only buy if the timing is right for them.

This is where most tradies leave money on the table. They simply don’t ask for the sale. A sentence like ‘I can start the job today, or would Wednesday be better for you?’. Both have the answer that they will proceed with the job.

Hate to say it, but if they’re not ready, they’re just not ready. So make sure you stay in contact!

Ok. So now you’re armed.
Help take your customer down this easy 5 step path and they’ll be saying YES to you for work almost every time!

What’s next?

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