14 Social Media Posts To Curate & Schedule TODAY

The beauty of social media is that at little or no cost you can deliver content that drives both leads and existing customers back to your business.

Highly relevant content consistently syndicated across a variety of social media platforms will increase awareness and recognition of your business, placing you ‘front of mind’ when customers are looking for a tradesman with your forte!

Content that is valuable to customers will position your business as an authority in your trade, create credibility and promote customer loyalty.

Adding value to customers through content is not about communicating what your business can do for them.

In fact, to add value, the content you post across your social media platforms should follow this one simple rule – for every 1 post you do about your business, deliver 2 posts that benefit customers (obviously not in one go!). Posts that benefit your customers should relate to your trade but not your business.

The hardest part of this process is coming up with the post ideas in the first place. This can often result in nothing but wasted hours sitting around waiting for ‘light blub moments’ of inspiration.

With this in mind, we have compiled 14 social media post ideas that you can try today. To make it even easier we have divided these ideas into post that are about ‘you’ (about your business) and post that are about ‘them’ (benefit customers). Don’t forget the rule we mentioned earlier!


This list is an easily digestible example of the hundreds of post ideas that are possible. If you have a great post idea that we have not already mentioned mention it in the comments below!

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