5 ways use your customer testimonials in your marketing

Collecting business testimonials is important. Once you’ve collected the them, what do you do then? It’s not enough to receive customer testimonials. Knowing how to use them in your marketing activities is what makes the difference.

Here are our top 5 ideas to implement testimonials into your marketing program:

1. Create a ‘what people are saying’ report

I once heard the story of an independent consultant who, after submitting a proposal for a project, was asked for his resume. Instead of sending his resume, he made copies of all the testimonials people had sent him (hundreds). He put them in a shoebox and sent them to the company. Needless to say, he won the job.

Create your own ‘what people are saying’ report. Put copies of your best testimonials together in a booklet. Give them to customers you have quoted jobs for. This will increase the chances of you winning the quote! 

2. Put testimonials on your website

Scatter testimonials from customers all over your website. Many webmasters make the mistake of creating a testimonial page and putting all the testimonials one page. Instead, place them in strategic spots throughout your website.

For example, if you make a bold claim about having the ‘best service’ in your suburb, place a testimonial next to it. Or, if you have testimonials pertaining to a specific product or service, place those testimonials under that product.

Another great area to place testimonials on your website is on the right and left borders. They will be a constant reminder of your credibility as the prospect scrolls through your website.

3. In every printed direct mail or email piece, include two testimonials 

This gives automatic credence to whatever offer you are sending. It’ll result in a better return on investment for that marketing piece.

4. Include video testimonials 

It’s one thing to read a testimonial, another to hear and watch a real live person. You can even include bios of those people to make the person and their opinions even more real.

5. Create social media posts

If your business has social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, create a weekly content post, which features a testimonial. In our own trade business, we have created a template image that uses our branding in terms of colour and logo. That is, orange and blue. Within this image, we have included the written customer along with the customer’s name. Including their name makes the testimonial more personable.

By turning the testimonial into an image, it will attract more attention and generation more interaction than a simple text post would.

What’s next?

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