New Business & Going To The Movies

Before seeing a movie I’ll browse the poster, watch the trailer or ask a friend what they thought before paying to go and see it. Understanding this process can work wonders when thinking about attracting new business.
Here’s how this may this be relevant to you in three simple points.

1. Browsing the poster

This refers to that very first glimpse of your business that is on display for your potential customers. It is very important to have an accurate visual interpretation of what your business is all about. If I saw a pink, floral movie poster I would presume the film would be about something romantic. I would feel very misled if I purchased a ticket and discovered it was actually about zombies.
What first impression are you presenting to your potential new business customers? It is important to have strong promotional material that is speaking for itself. It may be worth conducting an assessment of your current business cards, flyers or website. Other than getting in touch with some trusted sources, it may also be beneficial to ask total strangers that don’t know anything about your business and find out their first impressions. The Flying Solo forum has a community review section that is great for this.

2. Watching the trailer

Of course the live aspect of your business is just as important as having great business cards.
This is where the issue of customer service needs to be framed in lights. If a customer feels they are being treated well, they will see real value in your products or services. This would be especially true if they had spent hours on hold, diverted to voice mail or left messages with half a dozen other businesses before calling you. Having an instant, friendly voice on the other end of the phone may be the simple deciding factor for them securing new business.

3. Ask a friend

It comes as no surprise that one of the most powerful tools of effective marketing for attracting new business is word of mouth. When I ask a good friend about a movie, I will trust their opinion enough to either see the film or not.
This is a great constant reminder to strive in providing an overall exceptional experience for customers. Think of creative ways to stand out from the competition and provide products or services that will exceed your clients’ expectations. I know when I have seen a movie that exceeds my expectations, I tell everybody that they have to go and see it. Having a great network of referrers is highly valuable in creating a thriving business.
What are some ways that you can make your business the latest attraction?

What’s next?

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