Using Your Psychological Powers For Good, Not Evil, In Your Trade Business

Ever felt compelled to go the extra mile for someone, not because they’ve asked you too, but because they’ve done it for you at some point?
The old ‘You Scratch My Back, and I’ll Scratch Yours’? 

That’s because of an amazing psychological phenomenon, that basically says that when someone does something nice for you… you will have a psychological urge to do something in return.

Its true, right? We’ve all done it! For other tradies, for other business, or for our mates. (In this case: a lesson from the monkeys!)

It’s called ‘The Power of Reciprocity’

In some cases it is reciprocated with a gesture far more generous than the original.

So, here’s why it would be to your advantage to understand the ‘power’ in your trade business. And how to implement it the right way with your customers.


How To Use Your Power For Good:

To put it simply – Be Sincere! That way, you’re showing that your intent is not just to get into your customers wallets, but to sincerely help them.
Give your customer something of legitimate value, with no expectation of compensation.

There is a lot of aggressive sales and marketing techniques and advice out there and consumers are savvier than ever before, but by being sincere, it will ensure that:

  1. Your business is seen by the customer as credible, and
  2. Shows you empathise with your customer, that you’re there to help them and fully understand their needs.
  3. It will be easier for your customers to buy/deal with your business in the future because now you’re trusted.

Using Your Powers For Evil:

If the ‘Power of Reciprocity’ is used as a tactic, customers can smell it from a mile away, and it just won’t work.

Don’t be aggressive, relentless or pushy… if you’re offering something of true value, you don’t need to. When you use ‘Reciprocity’ as a pressure tactic, it’s too obvious, and you will simply push your customers away, rather than create a trusting relationship.

Using Your Power Today:

Implementing this theory within your trade business is pretty easy really.

Think about it this way: “What small thing could you provide your customer with today, that they could really, legitimately use and benefit from?”. And when you come up with an answer… go give it to them!

Because of the ‘Power Of Reciprocity’, your customers will gladly return that generosity. And not only will they feel good about you, YOU will feel good about you too.

When have you seen the ‘Law of Reciprocity’ work in a business? either by you, or received by you?
Would love to hear your experience.

What’s next?

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