You have a website (tick), but do you have this?

So you have a website… great (if you don’t, perhaps you need to sort this out ASAP… it’s called ‘leaving money on the table’)

Do you have at least 5 pages on your website?

Do you know how your customers found you in the first place?

Do you know which page has the most views?

Do you know how long a prospect is spending on a single page?

You can find out the answers to these questions plus MORE with FREE Google Tool, ‘Google Analytics’…

Why is this important?

Great question… what if I told you that you will increase conversion if a prospect is spending more than 1 minute on your ‘happy customer’ page? Wouldn’t you then make it easier for them to find the images and customer comments? I bet you would…
It’s one thing to have a website but it’s now time you learnt how to ‘watch the numbers’ for your website on a weekly basis to make more money. Well, don’t stop reading now, the answer is within…

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool which helps you, as the business owner, to understand how people found your site and how they progress through it. With this information you are able to explore options to enhance the visitor experience.
Google Analytics provide you with monthly reports on your website traffic such as where people are coming from, which search term provides the most traffic, which pages they are viewing on your website and how long they are spending on your site.

Why Using Google Analytics is Non-negotiable if you are a Savvy Business Owner?

There are numerous reasons why using Google Analytics is non-negotiable for any business with a web presence. Here’s 8 that come to mind:
1. It provides tracking for anyone with a web presence, whether small or large.

2. It is a powerful analytical solution to show you the effectiveness of your website. Is it converting? Are people staying on your site for a long time?

3. It is free for anyone to use.

4. The monthly reports are customisable to suit your needs.

5. The graphs can be created in less than a minute and can be backed up on your own computer

6. Custom reports allow you to see your data the way you need to see it, whenever you need it.

7. You can set different profiles to focus on specific aspects of your business. Eg. how long prospects read the content on blocked drains, or click on a specific link to take you to a free e-book.

8. It is entirely up to you to use as much or as little of the information available at your fingertips.

How Do you Get Started With Google Analytics?

It is as easy as following 7 very simple steps. Let us show you how:

1. Create an account by visiting the website

2. Click ‘Create an account’ button and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have a Gmail account that will suffice as an account. Sign in and select the Google Analytics button to sign up.

3. Enter your website URL and display name to link the Google Analytics directly to your website

4. Follow the prompts to enter the type of website it is and copy the code given and embed it onto the website.

5. Once you have completed the set-up, a warning will appear to inform you that there is no tracking information. This is ok. It will disappear in a couple of hours once tracking information is established.

6. To double check go to edit status and a message will be displayed that analytics was successfully installed.

7. Information will be available to you in as little as 24hours.

We have plenty of training videos in for members to ensure they set this up right and use it to the benefit of the business.

Set your account up today!

What’s next?

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