11 Top Techniques When Dealing With Problem Staff

A topic we would love to avoid, BUT the reality is, not all employees are going to fit with your business, bond with your existing team members or yourself, or excel at their work.

Although we all employ having followed procedure to select what we believed to be the right candidate –great attitude, friendly personality and skill set requirements to match. It is simply not until they come to work with your team that the truth is revealed. They are in fact a complete slob, present with poor personal hygiene, cause waves with some of your key customers, and the list goes on. All within the first few months. How could you have been so wrong?

Trick here is to HIRE SLOW & FIRE FAST don’t hold onto them thinking that you can change them. Even if you could, it would take too long and waste too much money.

So, what are the best techniques to deal with problems staff?

  1. Three-month probation period. Often a window where both you and the new employee can test the water.
  2. Give them a chance. Only one. As a new employee there is plenty to learn, therefore, give them one chance to rectify any issues that arise. Ensure they understand and have been taught the correct way to complete tasks etc.
  3. Gather the facts. A discussion needs to be had with regard to the issue at hand – but find out the facts prior to this meeting.
  4. Have more people than just you and the employee in the room during the discussion. This will prevent the troubled employee from claiming anything other than the facts where discussed.
  5. Document the discussion. Take minutes of the meeting to record what was said and agreed by all parties.
  6. Don’t make it personal. Stick with the facts. Do not have a personal attack on their character.
  7. Stay calm. Don’t lose your temper or become aggressive towards the employee. Regardless of what happens, keep your cool.
  8. Speak with confidence. Stay in control of the meeting by speaking with confidence. You have the facts; therefore, tell the employee the way it is – the procedures you expect followed etc.
  9. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can change them. Don’t hold onto someone thinking you will change them over time. If you have given them a chance, have ensured they completed the correct training, then it is time to let them go.
  10. Put them in a taxi. If you do have to let someone go, don’t drive him or her home. Save yourself the angst and put them in a taxi. It is worth the expense.
  11.  Hire slow and fire fast. Don’t hold onto dead wood within your business. You have a three month probation period for a reason – use it!

What’s next?

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