Part 4: Construct better growth with Buildxact

Whether you’re working on one job at a time or managing multiple jobs simultaneously, job management software is for trade business owners and builders who want to accelerate growth and be more competitive than ever before. Syncing schedules, cash flow and variations is not sustainable without it. 

In week four of our series, Your Guide to Job Management Software, we’ll outline the benefits and features of job management software, Buildxact. In this article, you’ll learn four ways Buildxact will lighten your day-to-day load to help you focus on growth and profit-making activities to boost your business’s bottom line.

1. You’ll win more work

When pitching for new work, delivering a top-notch quote will differentiate you from your competitors — using job management software will help you get your quotes right, in the best and most efficient way. 

By upping the ante on the accuracy, presentation and timeliness of your quotes, your business will come across as professional and competent. This’ll give you a leg-up when pitching for new work against your competition. 

Buildxact also allows you to analyse previous quotes, fine-tune them, and use them as templates going forward, providing you with more accurate revenue, profit, cost and cash flow projections.

Presenting professional and accurate quotes will reduce the number of surprises (for example, costly variations) for your customers later down the track. Building a good reputation instils trust and increases referrals.

2. Get back your time

Spending your days onsite, replying to emails late at night, putting together quotes after hours, sorting out invoicing — there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done, right? Have you considered ‘how’ you work?

You’ll always be stuck working long hours in order to keep up with the admin, if you don’t have job management software in place. There’ll never be any scope for working on the growth of your business when you operate in this way.  

Online software platforms such as Buildxact will help you break this cycle.

Increasing efficiencies with job management software — throughout each aspect of a job — can potentially save you anywhere from 50-80 per cent in time. When your jobs are delivered by the due date and on budget, you’ll find you’ll be able to take on more work and have a better control of your cash flow and profits.

3. Manage your people

Imagine if you could send automated SMS and email reminders to inform subcontractors when work is commencing? With trade push-backs and scheduling changes frequently occurring, Buildxact provides a bird’s eye perspective of your projects. Forgetting to notify your team of changes will be a thing of the past.

If you’ve got a slightly larger building or trade business, Buildxact integrates seamlessly with Deputy, for time-sheeting, and accounting programs such as Xero and MYOB to help streamline payments so there’s no double-handling, in turn, increasing your efficiency and delivering jobs smoothly and profitably.

4. Tech, what’s holding you back?

With more small builders and tradies in business implementing technology to quote and run jobs, you’ll struggle to keep up with your competitors if you don’t have job management software. What’s holding you back?

Key features

  • Easy to use and easy to get started.
  • Buildxact helps with easy and simple takeoffs, cuts admin time by up to 80%.
    • Meaning you can get your quotes out faster to clients.
    • Higher quality quotes delivered faster means more jobs won.
  • Manage your subbies, suppliers and employees with easy online schedules.
    • Buildxact allows you to schedule notifications and update all your subbies or suppliers in one go.
    • Gantt charts help you stay on top of where your project is at during any point in the job.
  • Track your costs and profits.
    • Buildxact allows you to accurately manage your costs on the job and report on them when the job is complete.
    • This in turn will help you create more accurate estimates and a better ability to project costs, revenue and profit.

Buildxact has been developed specifically for small builders and trades, is easy to learn and easy to get started with. Why not check it out for yourself by starting a free 14 day trial or booking a one-on-one demo?

Exclusive for our Lifestyle Tradie audience, Buildxact has offered 10% off its monthly subscription. Learn more about Buildxact and sign up here: