Part 5: Be on our A-game with Ascora

Did you start a trade business wanting me time or money — or both? Now, you’re stuck in the trenches without knowing your profit margin, how long it takes to convert a quote, who is best scheduled to a particular job, when to reorder your stock. 

The list goes on, doesn’t it?

Even though you’ve hired more staff to handle your paperwork, the only way you’re going to get on top of your game is with a job management system, like Ascora, which is a complete system that’ll keep your entire business operations humming.

In week five of our series, Your Guide to Job Management Software, you’ll also learn more about Ascora’s features, including our recently added GPS Trackers.

GPS Trackers

Directly integrated into Ascora, GPS units let you track your vans and also other key assets, such as trailers or containers. With GPS Trackers, you’ll know where your assets are in real-time, you’ll be able to replay old trips, and monitor drive behaviour.

Automated supplier invoice import

Every trade business has a mountain of supplier invoices. You receive and process them every day. With Ascora, the manual entry and manual matching process is streamlined and automated. The invoices from your major suppliers are automatically recorded against your jobs and pushed to your accounting package. 

You’ll save a stack of time you can use to focus on profit-making activities.

Auto geofencing timesheet

Timesheets are the lifeline of your trades business. It’s your business cost as well as revenue in some cases. With just a click of a button on the Ascora app, you track the exact number of hours spent on a job. Even better, use the auto geofencing function and get the app to automatically check your technicians in when they reach the location and check them out when they leave the job site. 

Your office team gets this in real-time for further action.

Inventory tracking

Stock and stock purchases can represent a significant amount of capital. Ascora has multiple levels of inventory tracking from capturing only purchases and receipts through to multiple stock locations with reorder levels. This means your vans will be adequately stocked and you’ll keep track of material pricing from your various suppliers.

Safety forms

How many times have your technicians forgotten to fill in paperwork or misplaced it, which has caused a rework? Or had to drive all the way back to the office to get the right paperwork or you can’t start a job? It’s a time and paper waster. How about eliminating these altogether by having your safety forms ever ready in your Ascora app? 

Your technicians can pull out forms such as SWMS and JSAs right from the phone, fill them up and attach them against the job. Ascora can be set to automatically prompt for forms to be completed, based on the type of job being undertaken. Your admin in the office gets them immediately without the technicians driving back to the office! 

Don’t run your trade business without a job management software, such as Ascora. Ascora gives you business clarity, cuts down inefficiencies and immediately translates to a lower cost of running your business and a more profitable business overnight! Sign up for your free trial at Let us know you’re from Lifestyle Tradie and get your first six months subscription at 50% off! We’ll show you how implementing Ascora will immediately bring growth and clarity to your business!

Author bio: Courtney Smith

Courtney is the founder of Ascora, which has grown from a basic system to a solid job management system helping thousands of tradies run and grow their businesses. Today, businesses with Ascora save thousands of dollars each month and have clarity on their business’s workflows and financials — with one robust software system.

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