The Goldmine Marketing Strategy You’re Sitting On

Today, Andy and Ange dive deep into the often-overlooked goldmine of retention marketing. If you’re tired of the constant hustle for new customers, this episode is your ticket to easier profits and loyal customers.

The Strongest Tool: Emotional Intelligence for the Tough Tradesman

Join Andy and Ange as they dive into the world of emotional intelligence and its transformative impact on leadership in the trades. It’s time to debunk the old “tough it out” mindset and explain how understanding and managing emotions can propel you to new heights of leadership.

The Scary Time Systems Saved Our Whole Business From Disaster!

In this power-packed episode of our podcast, Andy and Angela Smith dive deep into the heart of trade business success: **systemisation**. Here’s a peek at what they’ve unwrapped for you, using real-life experiences that underscore the vitality of systems in navigating unexpected business and personal crises.

How Pimple Popping Inspired Nathan’s Viral Lawn Mowing Videos

Welcome to The Tradie Show episode that dives deep into the world of social media for tradies, featuring the viral sensation, Nathan from Nathan’s Lawns and Gardens! Andy and Angela Smith, unpack the secrets to leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram to skyrocket your trade business’s visibility and success.

The Road to Wealth Creation for Tradies – with Special Guest Chris Gray

This episode is a treasure trove of strategies, stories, and insights designed to help you kick down the barriers to wealth creation. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to expand your portfolio, there’s something in here for every trade business owner looking to make their money work harder.

BONUS Episode: What is Lifestyle Tradie?

What exactly is Lifestyle Tradie? That is a question we get asked a lot, especially by trade business owners who are feeling a bit stuck and burnt out, overwhelmed, or are simply saying to themselves, there’s got to be a better way to operate a successful trade business.