Decoding Success For The Modern Tradie Boss

In this must-listen episode Ange and Andy delve deep into the essence of mindset and its colossal impact on the success of trade business owners. As they dissect the daily challenges that bombard the modern tradie boss, from cash flow woes to dealing with the unpredictable, the conversation pivots to the crucial role mindset plays in navigating these hurdles.

Nailing the Business Knockout with Nadine Champion

In this engaging episode of The Tradie Show, hosts Andy and Angela Smith sit down with the indomitable Nadine Champion—a true fighter inside and out. Nadine, an accomplished kickboxer, martial artist, author, and cancer survivor, shares the power of resilience and how ten seconds of courage can transform your life and your trade business.

From Zero to Landscape Hero: Matt’s Unbelievable Journey

In this riveting episode of The Tradie Show, join hosts Andy and Angela Smith as they sit down with Matt, the young dynamo behind Ferguson Landscape and Design in Melbourne. From almost quitting the trade game to building a million-dollar business, Matt’s story is nothing short of inspirational.

Power & Pitfalls of Toolbox Meetings

Is the classic toolbox meeting just a waste of time and resources? Or is it the secret weapon for productivity in your trade business? In this episode, Andy & Ange delve deep into the PROs and CONs of regular toolbox meetings and how to strike a balance between casual chats and crucial business updates.

4 Day Work Week Models

Today, you’ll meet Rachael Evans, a world-leading visionary, thought-leader, business pioneer, speaker, author and advisor. She’s the CEO and Founder of ‘4 Days For All’ and is an expert in transforming mindsets to adapt to a healthier mix of work and life.