Get your sales techniques on the money — and make more money!

You’re a trade business owner who wants to make money, right? Silly question. OF COURSE, you want to pocket profit! That’s why you’ve taken on the responsibility of starting a trade business and growing your team. What you may not have considered in great detail is making money involves sales — the uncomfortable truth.

The purpose of this week’s article is to open your eyes to the benefits of selling, the RIGHT way, to give you the confidence to SELL. Importantly, which tactics are gold when it comes to converting more customers? (If you’re interested, we’ll be diving deeper on this at Lifestyle Tradie Live — our FIRST in-studio virtual event.)

1. 9-step call conversation strategy

If you’re like most tradies in business, you’re willing to spend a sh#tload on marketing to generate new leads and drive sales. But, you’re probably short when you answer the phone to customers because you’re in the middle of something when they call. This old chestnut is letting you and your business down — and impacting on conversions.

Firstly, how do YOU answer the phone? If you’re not nailing it by building rapport immediately, the customer will contact your competitor. Through trial and error, we’ve developed a 9-step call conversion strategy. It’s a step-by-step process designed to convert customers into paying clients. BINGO. This means you’ve made a sale.

2. How cross-selling and upselling drives sales

Increasing the average dollar sale on each job is an effective way to make more money. But what is an average dollar sale, and how can you achieve an uplift? An average dollar sale is the money each of your customers spend with you every time they buy. There are two sales techniques that drive average dollar sales.

The first is upselling — a sales technique to encourage customers to buy something additional or more expensive (higher end). The second is cross-selling — a sales technique to encourage the purchase of related or complementary products or services. At Lifestyle Tradie Live, you’ll learn HOW to apply the techniques in your business.

3. The art of communicating with customers

What you say affects how you communicate but your nonverbal communication has a major impact on how well you communicate, too. Have you given much thought to how you and your team in the field communicate nonverbally? To support what you’re saying verbally, here are some thoughts on what you can do.

Your hands, your eyes, your arms and your speaking position are all influential factors in the way you communicate. For example, when you speak to someone, look at them, avoid folding our arms, and think about how your speaking position helps you get your point across in a friendly and confident manner.

Finally, if you get your sales techniques on the money, you’ll make more money. Simple as that… if you want to know more, register now for your free place at Lifestyle Tradie Live: