Lifestyle Tradie is partnering with mental fitness charity, Gotcha4Life!

We are so proud to have recently announced that Lifestyle Tradie is partnering with Australia’s leading mental fitness charity, Gotcha4Life.

Gotcha4Life was founded in 2017 by well-known Australian television and radio presenter, Gus Worland after his close mentor and friend, Angus devastatingly took his life.

Like we see far too often, Angus seemed to have it all – he was a happy and respected man with a loving family, close friendships, and a great career. But he had inner worries and sadness, and he never told anyone around him about them. The stigma around masculinity stops way too many from reaching out to ask for help when they are struggling.

The charity’s mission is for everyone to have a Gotcha4Life mate – a go-to person you can rely on and talk to when times are tough. No one should worry alone! It is incredible what a conversation or an encouraging message can do for someone who is doing it tough.

We have been lucky enough to have Gus Worland join us on ‘The Tradie Show’ podcast not once, but two times to share the Gotcha4Life message with our community about finding strength in being honest and vulnerable and all about what being a Gotcha4Life mate is all about. You can find both his episodes here.

With a core vision of zero suicides, Gotcha4Life is doing incredible work and we are so proud to be a part of the movement.

Being so closely a part of the trade industry, we understand the stress and isolation that comes with running a business and how hard it can feel to speak up, be honest and vulnerable and ask for help. It can be hard to even recognise that you need help in the first place. To be able to help the trade community break down the stigma around ‘toughening up’ is so important to us.

To kick off our partnership, the Lifestyle Tradie team is taking part in the annual Gotcha4Life initiative – the 24 Hour Row this coming weekend, the 10th and 11th September. All donations go directly to Gotcha4Life’s work in education and training all around mental fitness in Australia.

To find out more about Gotcha4Life and to get involved, go to