PODCAST: Up sh*t creek to control

This week, Andy and Angela were guests on the popular Air Conditioning Podcast. Listen to the episode below, where you’ll hear the couple’s all- too- familiar story, of being up sh*t creek as trade business owners and a husband-and-wife team at breaking point.

For most tradies, the marker of success is a rapidly growing business with a large team. That’s exactly what Andy and Angela nailed with their plumbing business, Dr. DRiP. Spurred on by fast growth and initial success — they boasted a team of 17 tradies, with eight vehicles on the road …… living the dream.

“Another truck, another truck, another guy, another truck. It was out of control. I didn’t know a way out.” Andy explained to podcast co-hosts, Brad and Shane Rawson.

From the outside, Dr. DRiP looked like an incredible success. From the inside, it was a struggling business at best. Like most tradies in business Andy was taught how to perfect the tools, but not how to efficiently run a business. With no clear business practices, and a growing workload, Andy powered on, facing burnout and the prospect of losing it all.

Turning it around

The key -takeaway Andy and Angela want others to learn from their experience is; don’t waste your time and money on mistakes, and trial and error. Eevaluate your business and develop better business practices. As business can go south quickly when you don’t know, or ignore, the warning signs.

Everyone needs support

Secondly, get clarity and invest in you, and your business. Your business deserves the support and you deserve the freedom to choose. If you’re after a liked-minded, supportive community, join our Kick-Ass Tradies Facebook group where you can access trade-specific conversations, tips and resources. If you have a struggling business, or you’re just unsure of the warning signs book a Game Plan call with Andy today.