You’re probably having hiring issues. WHO ISN’T!

We’ve all got a back-pocket full of excuses for why none of the applicants are right for the job, or why they rack off after a month or two of employment or maybe you didn’t even get a single applicant — It’s so frustrating and a massive waste of time and money every time.

But the truth is: you’re likely the problem, not them.

It’s hard to hear, and even harder to accept. We all love to point the finger and blame others rather than take a good hard look at ourselves — especially when you feel like you’re trying your best.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to reassess how and where you are searching for staff. Using our tried and tested strategies, let’s review a few basic things to find out where the crux of your hiring issues might come from:

HOW & WHERE are you advertising.

It’s possible that your advert just isn’t cutting it, maybe the description is falling flat, or you’ve advertised in the wrong place. You not only need to stand out from the crowd, but you want to be the BEST.

Check out our kick-ass Dr. DRiP job advertisement HERE. Compare it to your own, or use it as inspiration to create your own. We get excellent results from videos and descriptions like this, and they are highly compatible with job sites like Seek and Jora — It solved so many of our hiring issues because it looks top-notch.

Don’t be shy! Post your job opening to your social media, and ask your current tradies for a recommendation too.

Once you’ve got those applications in, you need to ACT FAST.

Once you’ve found your potential employee don’t twiddle your thumbs, MOVE QUICK, because the best tradies are in high demand.

We love the saying “hire fast, fire fast.” Because it’s WAY BETTER to hire somebody you think is the right fit, and then drop them if they’re not — compared to potentially missing out on a top-notch employee because you dragged your feet.

Click HERE for our six steps for converting a resume into an employee, so you never miss out on your pick again.

So, now that you’ve assessed your advert, understand the benefits of a quick decision and solved your hiring issues…. What’s next? Well, check out our upcoming live events HERE to find an event near you!

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